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Tuesday, 5 March 2013 | 22:37 | 0 panda
hye guys, i just found this awesome tips from korean's celebrity :)

  1. “Sleep early and wake up early”, “Go to skin care professionals” and “Drink lots of water” - Tiffany (Girls’ Generation) 
  2. Use a facial wine mask every night before bed – Victoria (fx) 
  3. “Wash your hands thoroughly first. Then rinse your face in a counterclockwise direction, cleansing your face well.” - Daesung (BIGBANG)
  4. “A balanced diet is very important. Exercise more. Get adequate sleep daily.” - Sohee (Wonder Girls)
  5. “I don’t try to cover the skin under thick make-up, I just pay more attention to giving it more radiance by…moisturising and firming up the skin.” – Song Hye Kyo (actress)
  6. “A regular skin care routine is vital.” - Ye Eun (Wonder Girls)
  7.  Apply coconut oil to retain the skin’s natural moisture, and to help troubled or blemished skin –Tasha Reid (Uptown/The Movement)
  8.  Apply products using outward and upward strokes, and gentle circular motions -  Kevin (UKISS)
  9. Try an oil massage when removing makeup with cleansing oil, and try to make as much foam as possible from cleansing products. Use the 4-2-4 method – Suzy (missA)
  10. “Just wash up well. I also hypnotise myself by saying ‘I am pretty…I am pretty’.” – Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation)
  11. I use moisturiser and a scrub on my skin before important events – Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)
  12. Try getting a toner that won’t dry out your skin, like Etude House’s ‘Skin Mal:gem’.” – Sandara (2NE1)
  13. Pop on a hydrating mask as often as you can – Jo Kwon (2AM)


  • Use make-up remover first, if you use cosmetics.
  • Cleanse well with a product that’s suitable for your skin type. Rinse thoroughly!
  • Massage your face (avoid this if you have acne or oily skin!)
  • Apply a mask to give your skin extra love!
  • Tone! Try to use cotton pads if you can, and remember: don’t rub, pat the product in gently. Rubbing will give you wrinkles!
  • Sweep a little essence or serum into your skin to help target problematic areas or specific troubles you have (e.g. acne, eczema).
  • Moisturise with a product that suits your skin’s needs.

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